You are all invited!

Is this where the party is at? Yes!

DHG is turning 10 and you are all invited to the party.

We want each and every one of our clients to participate in the celebration. This is why, since most of you live very far away from Prato, we will be the ones to send you a little bit of the celebration no matter where you are.

How? Until January 30 th, 2017, with every order placed on www.dhgshop.it, you will receive a slice of our birthday cake. That is, a very special cake that will give you the opportunity to participate in our photo contest  “DHG AROUND THE WORLD”.

Every three months there will be 500 euro voucher up for grabs and, as a special final prize, a trip to Italy that will bright you here to our amazing city and DHG!

And it doesn’t stop there because for 2017 we have come up with a lot of ideas and surprises for you!

Stay tuned!



Third quarter Winner

Nina Khvichia – Unexpected birthday supper!

Janice Arnold reasons why: It adheres to the DHG guidelines very precisely. The artwork showcases the beauty, range of color and refinement of DHG fibers. It features an iconic image in a new medium with great technical and artistic proficiency! Since the Georgian Orthodox Church is one of the world's oldest Christian Churches, it seems a fitting (and whimsical) association to represent the country of Georgia and honor DHG’s 10 year mark. Happy Birthday to DHG !!!


Contest photos

Barmina Marina - Paints of Altyn kel (Golden Lake) - Russian


Continue to follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – because the photos that you post using the hashtag #dhgshop will also show up there. Every day will be a party, we promise!

Upload Photo

To be valid for the contest, each photo must respect the following conditions.

The photo must show:

  • a piece of the DHG cake (which will be sent with each order placed on www.dhgshop.it until November 30th 2017);
  • an object created with our materials and/or our raw materials;
  • a typical object or place of the country of residence of the contestant.

The photograph must be:

  • in horizontal format;
  • in JPEG or PNG format;
  • 1000×668 pixel, 72 dpi and a maximum size of 5 MB.

Photos will not be published immediately after submission but only after the approval. As confirmation that the photo has been published on www.dhgten.com, an email will be sent to the contestant.