You are all invited!

Is this where the party is at? Yes!

DHG is turning 10 and you are all invited to the party.

We want each and every one of our clients to participate in the celebration. This is why, since most of you live very far away from Prato, we will be the ones to send you a little bit of the celebration no matter where you are.

How? Until January 30 th, 2017, with every order placed on www.dhgshop.it, you will receive a slice of our birthday cake. That is, a very special cake that will give you the opportunity to participate in our photo contest  “DHG AROUND THE WORLD”.

Every three months there will be 500 euro voucher up for grabs and, as a special final prize, a trip to Italy that will bright you here to our amazing city and DHG!

And it doesn’t stop there because for 2017 we have come up with a lot of ideas and surprises for you!

Stay tuned!



Winner of the fourth quarter

Nadia Bevegni – Happy Birthday from the Triangle!

Nina Demidova reasons why: I like a very positive photo of Nadia Bevegni from USA. I find beautiful a combination of a mountain of pumpkins against the background of dry grass and straw. Watching a photo I imagine a harvest season, lots of sun, beautiful countryside and feel a lot of joy. I like this smiling lady, she looks very naturally. The photo doesn’t look artificial or rehearsed. Besides, I appreciate her being on the photo, it is always more interesting to see alive felting person instead of impersonal photos of felted objects.<br /> And her felted poncho is very nice and suits her.


Contest photos

Julia Syrtsova - It's my turn! #DHGTen - Russian


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